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731 Comedy Club is not just centered around our entertaining live performances, as unique and amazing as they are. We know a great time is encapsulated by the entire experience from start to finish. So whether you’d like to enjoy a meal during the show, or grab a post-performance snack, you can’t go wrong with our culinary treats.

Beer and chips


Take in all that we have to offer at 731 Comedy Club. We provide the best, most delicious, and freshest food and drinks in the San Francisco area. Our customers rave about our Potato chips. Drop by for an upcoming performance or event and experience one for yourself. Don’t party hungry or thirsty!

Beer on tap


Are you ready to experience flavor on a whole new level? Our Draught beer is a favorite among many of our club attendees. Everything on our delicious menu is created with fresh ingredients by highly qualified and professional chefs. Come in for a taste today. Our Draught beer will have you on the train to yummy-town in no time.

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